19 June 2015

Weekend in Crete - Sougia

One of the perks of only being allowed to work 80 hours a month is that I get to carefully choose them in order to make long weekends even longer. Then it's a matter of finding cheap flights to nice places. Cue a weekend in Crete.
Our trip was planned planned around the Ryanair flights. We arrived in Chania Friday in the early afternoon, and left the following Monday morning. Since we were short on time, we decided to rent a car and explore only the West most part of the island. All travel guides also mentioned it would be no problem to find rooms in any town around the island, especially outside of the high season, so we didn't bother booking ahead.
First up was Sougia (after a quick "shit-this-is-crowded" stop in Paleochora), a little fishermen's village in the South. We got there at dusk, found a room right in front of the beach, and went for a walk. It wasn't empty, but had only enough people to not seem abandoned. The town itself was occupied by old foreign couples who seem to come here a lot.

See those buildings by the beach? That's the full extent of the village in that direction. There's more of it behind them, but not much more. They're also all restaurants, so in the early morning we put our towels by the water and went for breakfast here:

Then we went for a swim, lazying around the beach, and head off around noon to Elafonissi.

I feel I should mention the beach isn't made of sand. Well, it has sand, but it also has stones, some of them very sharp ones, and I left with some of them stuck in the palm of my foot. It was still worth it! Just bring some of those swimming shoes everyone has but me...

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