31 January 2015

white Luitpoldpark

Luitpoldpark covered in snow

It was so sunny on this day that I decided going to Luitpoldpark for photos was worth the risk of a few fingers falling off. Here are some photos I took with the dSLR. I used mostly a small analog camera, and discovered when I got home that it had no film inside. But! I still have all 20 fingers, and there was a lot of Sun on my face so it all went well!

19 January 2015

12 January 2015


Paper lamps and glassblowing.

3 January 2015


Miramare, Trieste

Two rainy days in Trieste, random walking around the empty city center and the Miramare Castle, with an emergency umbrella and soaking wet feet. Two days of having to convince myself it's too cold to go swimming, because the water is quiet, blue, crystal clear and with no sand in sight. I'll be coming back in summer...