30 June 2014

instagblr #2

tiny chanel and tic tacs pastel day

Finally found my perfect foundation and got the cutest tiny sample products too // Pastel day, I promise the expresso cup is only accidentally matching my t-shirt

Bf brought gifs from London, a pretty scarf and an awesome fridge magnet // Tiny pines!

15 June 2014

unbirthday picnic and flower clouds

flower cloud

Some photos of this week's flowers, which form a beautiful cloud of tiny white and pink dots, and of bf's unbirthday picnic with tons of cakes, ginger lemonade (must get that recipe) and elderflower cordial, that I've successfully mixed with every drink and it tastes great. I was wrong about only using half the sugar tho, the citric acid is really bitter!

6 June 2014

Elderflower cordial, cherries and loquats

Blooming elderberry tree

Have you ever tried any elderflower (holunderblüte) drink? What about the homemade elderflower cordial? If not, you're missing out. I first tried it a couple of years ago when a friend made it in London, and I've been making it every year I can find the flowers since. It's really, really good, and so easy to make, let me show you.