29 May 2014

from Giverny to Vernon

Rue de Falaise, Giverny

We left Monet's gardens around lunch time and used the little booklet they had on the bus to find a place for lunch. After that first week in Paris we completely trust there will always be a nice place with a very affordable lunch menu and great food anywhere in France. Since all the recomended places were within walking distance we picked one that said it was by the water, La Guinguette.

24 May 2014

Monet's Gardens at Giverny

Water Garden at Giverny

Does this look like something out of an impressionist painting to you (minus the tourists)? If yes, you're onto something. These are Monet's Water Gardens at Giverny, that he made while living there, along with his flower garden.

22 May 2014


Flowers - Versailles

The plan for this weekend was to arrive Friday night in Paris, wake up early Saturday morning, take the train to Giverny, see the gardens, spend the rest of the day in Vernon, and then make something up for Sunday. As do all plans, this one failed, mostly due to our ride from the airport not showing up and us ending up getting to the hotel hours late with no time to sleep. We thought we could just take a later train, but later meant much, much later, apparently trains don't go there very often, no idea why. So, instead, we went to Versailles, which was supposed to also have a nice garden and the trains go every 15min - if you ever go there, by the way, there's also a daily ticket to all of the Parisian transportation system for only 8€ if you're under 25, on weekends and holidays, which is almost the same price as the ticket for Versailles gardens.

14 May 2014

sunny days

Pizza at L'Osteria

Pizza at L'Osteria in Leopoldstr (I don't even try to get a place without a reservation in Karlsplatz anymore, especially in this weather). Flowering Englischergarten below.

10 May 2014


Blue midi skirt

This is what happens whenever I put this skirt on, and it's instant happiness.