26 February 2014

Lollo Rosso

Lollo Rosso

The automatic answer to "where should we go for brunch?".

16 February 2014

simple, easy DIY statement necklace

I bought this pendant in Lisbon, I think a year ago, in a small and lovely crafts supply shop we found while random walking from Martim Moniz to Rossio, I can't remember exactly where. I never figured out how to use it, when I bought it I wanted to get a metal collar necklace for it, but never found one that fit right.

Then yesterday, I looked at it, looked at the Sutton, and this happened. I'm sure that if you go through your own necklaces you'll find a gorgeous combination like this just waiting to be noticed.

I do have one other plan for it, but it will take a tremendous amount of patience. Maybe in April.

6 February 2014


instagram meets tumblr

I refuse to install instagram on my android phone until I can update it to v4.3 and disable some of the permissions (GPS access, my contacts, phone identity...).

But yesterday I realised I don't really need to use instagram, I can use snapseed+resizer+tumblr. So I created instagblr (using no vowels seems to be fashionable in today's image sharing sites, so why not). I will be posting my pseudo artistic highly edited with pre-made not so good filters cellphone photo ramblings there. Every image taken and edited in my phone.

3 February 2014

how to keep tigh high/over the knee boots up

how to keep over the knee boots up
Thigh high, over the knee, whatever height they are, if you ever had a pair you've probably dealt with this problem - unless your legs exactly matched the standard they use to make them, in that case, shopping well done! Good for you. For the rest of us skinny legged people, it's a problem.