22 November 2013

getting out of bear mode

InterNations afterwork meeting @ Filmcasino

It's getting really cold. I know, it's not even negative yet, it will get colder, but it's already below my comfort range and needing to wear gloves not just because they look pretty, and missing the times were it wouldn't be dark right after lunch. So I've been trying to say yes to everyone who even remotely suggests we go do something and even setting dates and places myself so that I really have to leave the house and not hibernate. InterNations has been a great help with this, there's always something to do and someone to meet there.
Unfortunately, I seem to be unable to get into real blogger mode and photograph every single thing I do from beginning to end, so here's a small recap of the last two weeks or so:

Magusto @ Lisboa Bar in Ostbahnhof. I love chestnuts.

Lunches at @ Gegenüber in Barer str. Love the place, dunno why I stopped going there for so long.

Amazing sunset. Everything was tinted red, clouds, buildings, sky. 

I still think this is the cutest thing.

"COME UP SOON YOU WILL BE SO HAPPY", I think. Filmcasino again.

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