4 October 2013


Westpark, Munich
Westpark, Munich.

I might have found my favourite place in Munich.
Westpark has actual gardens with flowers, not just huge tracts of land with grass and trees with no low branches, although it has that too! There's a beautiful and big rose garden, a Japanese garden, a Chinese garden, and a few others. Unfortunately, I also found out it exists right before it got to cold to enjoy it, and I only took photos with my film camera, as you can see below. Bf snapped a few with the dSLR, but he doesn't seem to be that into flowers, so this is all I have to show.


Westpark, Munich
Huge tracts of land, for the traditional German park lovers.

Westpark, Munich

Westpark karte, Munich
Map in German from Wikipedia, but the translation is very straighforward.

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