20 October 2013


I've just joined Stella&Dot as a Stylist.
It mostly means I can host a trunk show for you, in which I go to your place with some product samples that you and your friends can try on, give you some styling tips, answer all your questions about the company, the Universe, and everything, everyone can order things through me (maybe even book their own trunk shows), and then you can get free products yourself! If you're even remotely interested and live around Munich, drop me a note :)

But it also means that I get to go to a training session at Betty's place and photograph her amazing collection:

Stella&Dot peacock earrings
The bottom of these earrings detaches. I can't mention enough times how brilliant I think this is. 

Stella&Dot arm party!
Hi Nina, I know you're reading this. This arrow bracelet picture was for you.

Look, it also comes in a small silver ring!

Stackable rings that already come in a pack.

The Pegasus. After months of stalking it online and staring at it every time a blogger posts a photo with it on.

I think it likes me.

I also guarantee that any of these things looks much better on a person that on the stand. I have personally tested this theory several times, for science. Tell me if you would like to try it too :)

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