6 October 2013


Salzburg, Austria
It really wasn't a good day to photograph. And the weather cheated on me too, I was expecting a semi-sunny day and 18C, so I was in a light Spring jacket, dress and ballerinas. Luckily I had an extra cardigan and scarf because we left in the early morning and it was a bit cold. Still not cool, weather. Not cool.
Straight out of the train station Salzburg looks just like any old town from that area. But then you cross the river, and right next to Mozart's birth house you see this

Doppler's birthhouse, Salzburg, Austria

Had you ever even wondered where he was born? Me neither, but here you go. You act like an little fangirl for a second, take a picture (or make bf do it for you) and tell people you *are* photographing the right house. Then start walking to the city center, and stop again to find something you thought only existed on Pinterest:

Salzburg, Austria
I still regret not having tried these on.

A few steps ahead you see a tiny dark passage way. Of course you have to go in. Find a lamp if you're now worried about grues.

twisty little passages, all alike. Salzburg, Austria

You find yourself in a little inner courtyard with cute coffee shops, small restaurants, cute decorations and jewelry. Sometimes they will even be in the passage itself.

Salzburg, Austria
You keep going, and emerge in a street market, full of fresh fruit, delicious looking meats, sausages, cheeses, flowers, and trumpet (?) players

market, Salzburg, Austria
market, Salzburg, Austria
You can pick up some wurst for the way, or you can go in that other passageway (there's always another passageway) to fing another cute courtyard with a reasonably priced restaurant that is also a nice tea and coffee shop. And, unlike Germany, wine is cheaper than beer and you can trust their expresso.

inner courtyard, Salzburg, Austria
lunch, Salzburg, Austria
Salzburg, Austria
Then go up to the Castle if you fancy that kind of thing. We sort of don't, so it was up the hill, find out it's very big and very expensive, and down again to explore the city again. This time we found a feather vest, pretty second hand shops, a shop that only sells Christmas balls and decorated eggs, and a giant pretzel spider.

feather vest, Salzburg, Austria
vintage shop, Salzburg, Austria
egg shop, Salzburg, Austria
giant spider pretzel, Salzburg, Austria
I would definitely go back there on a warmer day, or at least in warmer clothes. I'll even go see the castle.

The rest of the little adventure is on Flickr.


  1. Ich kenne diese Stadt, da ich in Freilassing wohne. Ich muss jede Woche nach Salzburg fahren um Bilder für meinen Blog zu machen :P
    Schöne Stadt, aber ich vermisse Regensburg sehr. Salzburg ist leider viel regnerischer als Regensburg.

    Fashion Landscape

    1. Salzburg ist eine schöne Stadt für ootd Bilder :)
      Ich kann mit den Regen leben, aber die Kälte... Ich vermisse milderen Wintern, obwohl ich liebe den Schnee.

      Schönen Blog!

      That was the best German I could conjure, I hope it's alright! )