1 March 2013

winter is ending

Tuesday was a great day to be out in the middle of nowhere in Bavaria. It was snowing all day and in huge snowflakes, not the is-this-rain? type we get in Munich, which is a great way to make you feel like waking up early in your holidays was worth it. This was the view from the hotel room:

Of course this meant that all the time between finishing breakfast and catching the train back was spent walking around town taking photos of random things, something I haven't done in too long and felt great. It was just twenty minutes but that's all my fingers can take in this cold anyway. You can see some on Flickr.

This one is from the day before, it wasn't snowing but sunny!

Obviously I wasn't the only one trilled about the snow. Look at how happy he is for managing to pick up a giant chunk of snow in one piece!

Also, somehow his photo ideas always turn out to be cute gifs.

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