22 December 2013

12 December 2013

A lovely new minesweeper for Android he made

Pretty, isn't it?

Bf finally finished that minesweeper app he's been coding for ages because he couldn't find any he liked in the Play Store and needed an excuse to make yet another app. It has four levels plus a custom one, so that I can play minesweeper the way I like it, a huge grid and only 10 bombs so I can click randomly and keep opening huge white spaces! It's weirdly satisfying.

You can download it here, and read more about it on his blog post.

8 December 2013

Egyptian Museum

Museum Ägyptischer Kunst München

From the Egyptian Museum in Munich, after a lovely Sunday afternoon-that-should've-been-a-morning brunch and tea.

22 November 2013

getting out of bear mode

InterNations afterwork meeting @ Filmcasino

It's getting really cold.

6 November 2013

cozy sweaters

cozy sweaters
Angora pullover / Basic cotton pullover - Mango Outlet
I'm not allowed to catch 'em all, but I did get these four. The darker ones originally, the cream/light pink after I realised I was going to wear am wearing them all the time anyway. So cozy and warm.

13 October 2013

winter cleaning

Every study-stuff space needs it's own pair of gladiator heels.

8 October 2013

Traum Bilder

"Die Sirenen erwachen, wenn die Vernunft schlafen geht", Max Ernst
Die Sirenen erwachen, wenn die Vernunft schlafen geht, Max Ernst

"From the 1960s onwards, the fashion entrepreneur Theo Wormland (1907−1983) amassed one of the most important private collections of Surrealist works in Germany. Masterpieces by Max Ernst, Richard Oelze, René Magritte and Pablo Picasso have been on loan to the Sammlung Moderne Kunst since 1983 and radiate a unique brilliance of their own. In 2013, the Pinakothek der Moderne is celebrating the bequest of the Wormland Collection to the Bayerische Staatsgemäldesammlungen."

6 October 2013


Salzburg, Austria
It really wasn't a good day to photograph. And the weather cheated on me too, I was expecting a semi-sunny day and 18C, so I was in a light Spring jacket, dress and ballerinas.

4 October 2013


Westpark, Munich
Westpark, Munich.

I might have found my favourite place in Munich.

26 September 2013

Belleville et Monceau - Paris, Part Five

Rue Denoyez, Belleville
Rue Denoyez, Belleville

On the last two days there we were taken on a tour of Belleville by a friend of bf, who showed us all the pretty semi-hidden places there, and the day after we had a stroll and lunch at Parc Monceau before leaving to the airport.

22 September 2013

Museums - Paris, Part Four

Les Nuages, Claude Monet, Musée de l'Orangerie.

We visited three museums while in Paris, one I really wanted to see, Musée d'Orsay, bf wanted to see the Louvre's Egyptian collection, and I found out about the Musée de l'Orangerie while we were there.

16 September 2013

Little things - Paris, Part Three

La Galerie Portable, Montmartre
La Galerie Portable

This post is for all the great little things we found in Paris and loved, and that didn't fit in the other posts.

13 September 2013

Sightseeing - Paris, Part Two

Fountain at Jardin des Tuleries
Jardin des Tuleries.

On the first two days we didn't have much of a plan, and bf wanted to see the Obelisk (he has a strange attraction to all Ancient Egyptian things).

12 September 2013

Light - Paris, Part One

View from the top of the Galeries Printemps
View of Paris from the top of the Galeries Printemps.

I've upload already the photos of my week in Paris on Flickr. One thing you might notice there is the amount of photos of skylines, clouds, and plants. The sky and the light were consistently beautiful all day, especially in the late afternoon just before and during the sunset.

8 September 2013

summer things & weddings

Westpark, Munich
After true canadian maple syrup pancakes.

This was a very relaxed and event free summer, apart from a small wedding and Paris, so I have very few photos to show, and most of them I shot with film, which of course I will take a few months to finish and then some more time to develop and be able to scan. I think I should give creative shooting another try sometime.

3 September 2013

Paris - sneak preview

Bolo de arroz em Paris
Bolos de arroz at the first boulangerie we went to in Paris. 

I still have waay too many photos to go through of this summer, Paris' 600 photos included, and I'm still backing up everything since 2011, when I didn't have a proper organizing/editing method. And all of this has to be done while bf is out for work so I can use his Mac that has a properly calibrated screen.

In the mean time, here are some quick cellphone pics from Paris.

26 August 2013

22 August 2013

melody & hidden skyscapes

Month of summer holidays in Portugal, weddings, preparing for a week in Paris and rediscovering, editing and backuping old photos instead of going through the recent ones.

here's an old favourite, Melody Gardot singing beautifully at Casa da Música, Porto, in 2010.

Melody Gardot @ Casa da Música, Porto

and more of Portugal from 2009/2010

8 June 2013

sunny lazy days

mini rose plant

delicious mint lemonade

There were also burgers by the lake, ice cream and antique stores with fake Channel bags. Happy

27 May 2013


The weekend before last was a long one in Germany which happily coincided with my birthday, and I had never been to Prague. That's really reason enough for me to want to go anywhere, so that was my present.

20 April 2013

March 2013

The last weeks of this year's spring break in pictures:

Found Waldo. Munich

10 March 2013

Botanischer Garten

Phone camera to the rescue.

If you're around Munich until March 17th, there's a special exhibition of tropical butterflies at the München-Nymphemburg Botanischer Garten.

1 March 2013

winter is ending

Tuesday was a great day to be out in the middle of nowhere in Bavaria. It was snowing all day and in huge snowflakes, not the is-this-rain? type we get in Munich, which is a great way to make you feel like waking up early in your holidays was worth it. This was the view from the hotel room: