16 December 2014

9 December 2014

The Breakfast Club, London

Avocado and poached egg toast; fruit and yoghurt glass, The Breakfast Club

Brunch at The Breakfast Club in Angel, also known as that time I remembered to take pictures of the food before eating it. I'm sure it won't happen again.

A warning to the hungry ones: this post is full of pictures of food that looks delicious. Continue at your own risk.

7 November 2014

Botanischer Garten

Insect Pavillion, Munich

It took me too long to realise that the Botanical Gardens are more than just their greenhouse, which hosts the butterfly exhibition every Winter. Although I managed to go there in a warm and sunny day in September, the poor excuse we had for a Summer meant the blooming season was long gone already. Of course that didn't stop me from walking around the entirety of the garden in heels (it was a spontaneous decision made in fear that it would be the last sunny and warm day until next May - it wasn't), imagining how pretty it should be in full bloom, or all golden in Autumn.

2 November 2014


Finally went back to Berlin for a weekend. First mandatory thing to do was to have a mojito. The second mandatory thing to do was visit the Helmut Newton Foundation. Then just eat greap, cheap food.

22 October 2014

winter survival kit #3

Lots of tea. Although this is not exclusive to Winter at all...

15 October 2014

winter survival kit #2

Knits. Giant, warm, chunky, comfortable knits.

11 October 2014

winter survival kit #1

triangle lace bras and faux fur collar

Dear Winter,

I've stocked up on properly fitting bras, and even got a faux fur collar that is very warm, and very fluffy, and I wish there was a warm weather equivalent of it. I am ready for you.
Please don't come.