22 October 2014

winter survival kit #3

Lots of tea. Although this is not exclusive to Winter at all...

15 October 2014

winter survival kit #2

Knits. Giant, warm, chunky, comfortable knits.

11 October 2014

winter survival kit #1

triangle lace bras and faux fur collar

Dear Winter,

I've stocked up on properly fitting bras, and even got a faux fur collar that is very warm, and very fluffy, and I wish there was a warm weather equivalent of it. I am ready for you.
Please don't come.

7 September 2014

a Nice week

Turquoise water, Nice

We booked 6 days in Nice for late August, after rightfully guessing that the odds of us ever going to the beach in Portugal were very low, to replenish our sunshine intake before the German winter. What we didn't expect was BF getting a bit sick just before the holidays and that we wouldn't be able to just sit at the beach all day and do nothing, so instead we took advantage of being able to go to any town around Nice for 1.5 by bus and visited Èze, St. Paul de Vence and Cannes.

3 September 2014

instagblr #4

Fish cassoulette, Nice Crêpe with ice cream at Häagen-Dazs, Nice
Mussels, Nice Barnacles, Azores

Since finding free time for editing/sorting/uploading photos of our holidays in Nice seems to be harder than I thought, here are some snapshopts of the main goal of my holidays this summer: eat great food while I can. Especially fresh fish and sea food. I apologise for the low quality, but I was lucky I even remembered to take a photo before/after eating...

No idea what this was when I ordered it, turned out to be delicious. // Crêpe with ice cream at Häagen-Dazs. Or why I’ll never be a food blogger.
When in doubt, have mussels. I was in doubt often. // Boiled barnacles. Yum.

16 August 2014

this is not the summer I was looking for

Bar do Abismo, maçarocas, biscoitos

The summer I was looking for had more sunny and warm days where all you want to do is to jump in the nearest pool of water and have to stay in the shade all the time, than rainy, cold days with no sunshine in sight. It's not over yet, tho, I'm still hopeful, and it wasn't all bad. I did manage to dive in the sea (for 2 minutes or so...), eat maize from the little place above ("VENDEM-SE MAÇAROCAS"), lots of fish and other sea food, try the wine in the wine museum below, watch a sunset from the plane, and finally make it to the Japanese tea house in the Englischergarten on a weekend it was open.

23 July 2014


A friend's goodbye barbeque.