16 August 2014

this is not the summer I was looking for

Bar do Abismo, maçarocas, biscoitos

The summer I was looking for had more sunny and warm days where all you want to do is to jump in the nearest pool of water and have to stay in the shade all the time, than rainy, cold days with no sunshine in sight. It's not over yet, tho, I'm still hopeful, and it wasn't all bad. I did manage to dive in the sea (for 2 minutes or so...), eat maize from the little place above ("VENDEM-SE MAÇAROCAS"), lots of fish and other sea food, try the wine in the wine museum below, watch a sunset from the plane, and finally make it to the Japanese tea house in the Englischergarten on a weekend it was open.

23 July 2014


A friend's goodbye barbeque.

21 July 2014

instablr #3

Café Altstadt, Salzburg red leaves
gladiator flat sandals flowers and monet

Sorry for another one of these, I haven't been taking proper photos of anything lately, or even bother to edit the ones I do. I did however go to Salzburg again, where I accidentally ordered a long coffee instead of an expresso, and was very pleasantly surprised taste-wise (top left photo); on another day to Staffelsee, not so pleasant, I don't seem to be a fan of swimming in lakes so far, but there's a beautiful town next to it called Murnau, where they have delicious ice cream and amazing looking shops and I'll have to go back there when it's not a Sunday (no photo).
I also went on a quest to find good ice cream next to me for those days when it'd be really nice to have ice cream but not so nice to get in the U-Bahn, and I did find one, along with that stunning red tree (top right photo).
I thought maybe I'd start wearing flats more often and take better care of my proto bunion if I have more than one pair of flats, and if they're not boring looking, so I got the ones in the bottom left photo.
I still can't say two coherent more complicated sentences in German, but it seems to be enough to communicate with people anyway, I found out my florist is a neighbour from Tunisia, and he gave me some extra flowers this day (bottom right photo). The stems were super short (I suppose they were leftovers from some arrangement) and it was easier to carry them in my bag than my hand, is this why other bloggers do it? (And I could also "talk" to the lovely lady in my building when I lock myself out of the house with no semester ticket and no phone and have to go meet BF somewhere else to get his keys...)

30 June 2014

instagblr #2

tiny chanel and tic tacs pastel day

Finally found my perfect foundation and got the cutest tiny sample products too // Pastel day, I promise the expresso cup is only accidentally matching my t-shirt

Bf brought gifs from London, a pretty scarf and an awesome fridge magnet // Tiny pines!

15 June 2014

unbirthday picnic and flower clouds

flower cloud

Some photos of this week's flowers, which form a beautiful cloud of tiny white and pink dots, and of bf's unbirthday picnic with tons of cakes, ginger lemonade (must get that recipe) and elderflower cordial, that I've successfully mixed with every drink and it tastes great. I was wrong about only using half the sugar tho, the citric acid is really bitter!

6 June 2014

Elderflower cordial, cherries and loquats

Blooming elderberry tree

Have you ever tried any elderflower (holunderblüte) drink? What about the homemade elderflower cordial? If not, you're missing out. I first tried it a couple of years ago when a friend made it in London, and I've been making it every year I can find the flowers since. It's really, really good, and so easy to make, let me show you.

29 May 2014

from Giverny to Vernon

Rue de Falaise, Giverny

We left Monet's gardens around lunch time and used the little booklet they had on the bus to find a place for lunch. After thar first week in Paris we completely trust there will always be a nice place with a very affordable lunch menu and great food anywhere in France. Since all the recomended places were within walking distance we picked one that said it was by the water, La Guinguette.